Enjoy your stay at Takao

Takao is located on the Seseragi Highway in Gifu Prefecture. The clear Yoshida River nearby is a mecca for water activities and fishing. In February and June, when there is a moratorium on fishing, there are many other things to see and do. In spring, daffodils bloom at the same time as the cherry blossoms, and in early summer, before the rainy season, you can see the dance of the Heike Firefly over a stream. In autumn, enjoy the stars, and in winter, enjoy the snow and skiing at the nearby Meiho ski resort.

Many kinds of bicycles are available for use, and there is a country road that is perfect for cycling around our facility. Please enjoy cycling at Takao.

A reasonably priced public inn

Takao is a public inn and very reasonably priced. While many hotel rates fluctuate depending on the season, Takao charges a low-cost flat rate regardless of the time of year. You can plan your trip with peace of mind.

Japanese style public bath

A bath is the best way to cure the fatigue of your travels. Takao has a large public bath for both men and women, in a traditional Japanese style somewhat different from an ordinary hot spring inn. Enjoy a nice long soak up to your shoulders and feel the tiredness of your journey melt away.


  • Lobby
  • Lobby
  • Lage Japanese room
  • Dining room
  • Public bath
  • Drying room

Dishes and accommodation plan

Delicious Japanese food


Try Gujo’s local cuisine

Gujo, a town of clear running streams and rivers, provides many delicacies. There are local specialities such as Fresh Ayu (sweetfish), Meiho ham, and Gujo miso, as well as regional items from Gifu province, including Hida beef and chicken. Takao has activities for all seasons, such as fishing and skiing, and enjoys the patronage of many regular customers. Different culinary experiences can be had in each season, so we invite you to revisit us in all four seasons.

Meal Plan

Hida Beef

A visit to Gifu is not complete without trying the region’s famous Hida Gyu beef. Hida beef is a brand of wagyu beef well-known for its outstanding flavor. For those who wish to taste it, you can enjoy delicious seasonal dishes that feature a main course of Hida beef loin.

Extended Stay

For those who would like to stay more than one night, please be assured that we can provide you with a variety of freshly prepared local dishes for each meal.

We offer a variety of plans, including accommodation only without meals.


Enjoy the authentic experience of a stay in a Japanese-style room, with straw tatami mats and a comfortable futon. Plans that include meals are also available, and overnight parking is free.
■All our rooms are Japanese style rooms. 10 six-tatami-mat rooms (about 9.95 square meters) / 1 eight-tatami-mat room (about 13.26 square meters)/ 4 ten-tatami-mat rooms (about 16.56 square meters) *There are NO bathrooms, toilets, or washrooms. ■Free WiFi is available. ■Single occupancy is possible. ■Free parking area is available.

A cancellation fee

A cancellation fee (half of the lodging fee) will be charged if you cancel your reservation within 3 days (or 5 days, for a group of more than 15 persons ) from a lodging day.  
[Cancellation fees: high school students and older (16 years of age or more) - 2,000 yen,  junior high school students (12-15 years of age) - 1,450 yen, elementary school students and infants (1-11 years of age) - 1,150 yen]

Address and Access Map

945-1 Ichishima Hachiman-cho, Gujo City, Gifu Pref.  501-4202
Tel: +81-(0)575-62-2139 Fax: +81-(0)575-62-2139

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Please note that we do not speak English very well, so we prefer that you email us with any questions you may have.